The perfect date night spots in Brum


First dates. They can be awful can’t they? Not only can they be extremely daunting, but they can be extremely difficult to get right. We’ve decided to take some of the pressure off, and compile a handful of great date night spots that won’t break the bank, but will break the ice, and they are all located in the heart of Brum.

Usually if we’re organising a date (especially if it’s the first time) we want somewhere with ambience, atmosphere and somewhere to blend into the crowd. No one wants to stick out like a sore thumb giving off awkward first date vibes, you want to feel comfortable and able to have a proper conversation.

Starting off with a bang we have OTTO. The delightful pizza place located just of St Paul’s Sq that boasts a relaxed yet ambient atmosphere. The small size of the venue is inviting, and warm, however their great reputation ensures a stream of people enabling you and your date to blend in amongst the bustle of young professionals all enjoying an authentic slice o’ pizza!

If you’re interested in trying something new and a little bit different, why not head to Loki Wine Merchant & Tasting House?  Located in the Great Western Arcade and as well in Edgbaston, you can have an evening of tasting an array of fine wines. A great way to break the ice is having something in common to talk about and this experience gives you exactly that.

For a first date, going for a fancy dinner may not be your first option because there is just too much to consider. What to order, is it okay to order a starter, a main and a dessert? Will I be judged for ordering a double instead of a single? Is there something stuck in my teeth? We’ve all been there. However, you could opt for something more casual like Digbeth Dining Club. Not only will you be supporting the local independents, but you will be able to try a number of foods which will give you your initial talking points, and it will snowball from there. Who doesn’t love a foodie?

Sometimes it is okay to admit to ourselves, that drinking on a date is a popular way to calm the nerves. It’s an incredibly terrifying feeling walking into a room and meeting someone for the first time, so we suggest you do it during happy hour. Dirty Martini is a great place to start as their happy hour cocktails are short and sweet, exactly what you want from your drink…but maybe not what you want from your date. So to keep the conversation going, and the drink flowing why not head for a couple martinis. What’s the worst that could happen?

Finally if you just wanted to catch up over a coffee, why not head to Faculty Coffee? Located in central Birmingham, opposite the station this coffee shop is a great little spot to really hide away from prying eyes. As we have mentioned, a first date can be awkward and a little intimidating, so head somewhere you feel comfortable enough to grab a coffee and a cake as long as you bring the natter.

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