Where to take a client for food


Finding where to take a client for food can be difficult. You need to choose somewhere that is A. In the vicinity of work. B. Easily accessible for both parties. C. Somewhere that offers consistent service you can trust. Having somewhere that can be your go-to can make you feel that much more at ease with one less thing to worry about.

  1. Depending on where it is that you work, Brindley Place is such a nice and scenic area to take a client for both food and drinks. Bank restaurant offers a lovely menu and the layout is client friendly with tables not being far too close together. The staff are also friendly and very accommodating.
  2. There has been a breath of fresh air blowing right into Birmingham city centre this year bringing along so many new places. The Ivy, being one of them is the perfect place to take a client out for lunch or dinner. Their menu is vast and the food delicious, what’s not to like?
  3. I would definitely recommend Revolución de Cuba at lunchtime. It’s usually quiet, the service is up to scratch and the food is tasty. With the evenings being a lot busier, it may be worth sticking to lunch for work and evening for socialising with friends.
  4. For something a bit more relaxed, why not head over to Pint Stop? Their relaxed environment and a vast choice of beer along with the hearty menu options mean that Pint Stop is the right stop.
  5. Finally, our last recommendation is based on Church St and it’s the popular staple to Birmingham’s food scene, Utopia. Offering a wide range of dishes, ambient surroundings and a relaxed environment it’s easy to see why we have chosen here. The longevity of Utopia proves that they are doing something right for sure.

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