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Think India Tapas and extremely authentic dishes served to you by the loveliest staff members.

The Indian Streatery offers an incredible array of options within their menu. Expect tapas, a few larger dishes along with some ‘Perfect partners’ suitable for any dish.

Although our server politely recommended we get 2-3 tapas each we overordered as we wanted to try everything we could. They do also offer larger dishes if tapas isn’t really your thing.


D R I N K S :
For our drinks we began by ordering a bottle of the ‘smoothest house wine you will ever taste’ which when delivered to the table was a sophisticated bottle of French wine, that was correctly described as smooth!

The wait for food was particularly short, despite the restaurant being fairly full. However, during our wait for the food, we had the time to appreciate the authentic decor, and enjoy our surroundings.

We ordered an extremely healthy amount of food, so it was difficult to keep track of what each dish was. Although we tried our best, we had to run through our order to find the kitchen had forgotten a portion of our dishes which was then quickly rectified.

T H E  F O O D:
We ordered the palak paneer, meaty masala fries, lamb kofta, plain roti, basmati rice, deconstructed samosa chaat along with a pani puri to start as well as some cucumber raita on the side.

Our food just about squeezed onto the table with skills we never knew Tetris had instilled.

P A N I  P U R I
Having begun with the pani puri, a traditional Indian dish, we enjoyed the authenticity and trying something new. (Image was not taken due to technical difficulties…)

P A L A K  P A N E E R & M A S A L A  F R I E S:
Overall the food was fantastic. The palak paneer was lovely, but I felt it could have had something a bit more within the flavour, however, the other dishes made up for this incredibly well. The meaty masala fries were to die for and the portion size was greater than I had anticipated.



L A M B  K O F T A:
The flavouring was perfectly balanced and a great dish to share between two. The sauce was fantastic, especially when paired with a roti.


O U R  R E C O M M E N D A T I O N:
If we had to recommend one dish out of them all it would be the deconstructed samosa. This dish was perfect for sharing, but I would order one singularly as it was delicious and therefore not for sharing. I would even go as far as to say it was one of the best samosas I have ever tried.


Ordered from the ‘perfect partners’ segment of the menu, the basmati rice and the roti were perfect partners to our entire meal.


Finally, the cucumber raita. For a person so dedicated to sauces, I felt as though the raita was a little plain, it would have been nice if it were sweeter, although this could just be down to personal preference.

The food: 7/10

The service: 9/10

The drinks: 7/10

The overall experience: 7/10

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