Revolución de Cuba | Review


If you didn’t manage to see our last post in relation to the ‘facelift’ that Revolución de Cuba are having, you can go and see it here. We managed to take some images of their new ground floor and it looks stunning. After visiting to take some photographs, we decided we may as well eat and review their restaurant and see what all the fuss is about.

Before long we found ourselves being seated by Baska in the upstairs bar, handed a menu and ordering drinks.

After much pondering over their vast menu, we went for the following:
Creamy Cajun mushrooms, Bread, Cajun cream fries, nachos del sol, gambas pil-pil, roasted chorizo and pork belly skewers.

The time between ordering our food and it arriving at the table was approximately 20 minutes which was great considering what we ordered and the fact we were starving!


As you can see the food looked absolutely delicious, and before long we were tucking in having refrained ourselves beforehand so we could take the much-needed photographs, this was for work after all…

T H E  F O O D :

Smothered in guac, dripping with black beans and covered with melting cheese the nachos were the first thing to catch my eye. The toppings were layered within the dish, and there were no dry nachos hidden underneath.

After pretty much attacking the food from every angle, we definitely came away with a few favourites, the Cajun cream mushrooms being at the top of the list with the nachos in a close second.

As far as the gambas pil-pil and the chorizo are concerned they were delicious. The flavour balance seemed to be perfect. Although, the portion size of the chorizo did seem fairly small considering the price of it.

Now, as someone who is fairly sceptical about pork belly, the skewers did raise the game a little. However, if I’m truly honest I don’t know whether they were 100% my thing, but that really is a matter of taste.


We loved the Cajun cream fries so much that they got their own paragraph. Drizzled in a (you guessed it) cajun cream sauce and left to absorb the flavours, they were a taste explosion, who knew fries could be so good.


T H E  S E R V I C E

Although we weren’t difficult guests, there seemed to be nothing that was too much trouble for the servers. We didn’t order any cocktails, so our wait for the drinks was extremely short. However, we can imagine the wait time to increase if you were to dabble in their extensive cocktail menu.

T H E  D R I N K S

As mentioned above, we didn’t get a chance to try any of their cocktails as we went for soft drinks with our lunch (for the first time in forever). However, we will be returning to try some of their festive drinks menu along with a handful of other bars in the vicinity.

O V E R A L L  E X P E R I E N C E

Although we wanted to dine downstairs, it wasn’t completely finished yet. However, the upstairs was a different experience altogether as the atmosphere is completely different.

The food was fantastic and was delivered to our table far quicker than expected which was a lovely surprise!

With lunchtime being so quiet, the service was great and we couldn’t fault it at all. However, with more demand and pressure of the evenings, we can imagine it being a little more hectic.

OVERALL – 8.5/10

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