Lunch on a budget in Birmingham City Centre


It’s so easy when working in the city centre to accumulate a huge bill over the weeks, months or even years having lunch out with a colleague here and there, nipping to the shop for some snacks or a quick sandwich – you know the drill.

Whilst it is nice to nip out for lunch to a restaurant, realistically it’s probably not something we can be doing every day. It is also really difficult to eat healthily or even slightly healthier when you don’t want to be eating a salad for every meal.

Below we’ve given you some good options for having lunch on a budget when you have forgotten to pack it or if you buy it every day.

  1. Pret: With a mixture of options, granted not all being healthy – but come on the mac ‘n’ cheese is so good, they do have more of a range than many other places for a cut of the price. They have currently been introducing their festive range which we are partial to, stick some cranberry sauce on some bread and we’re there.
  2. EAT: Again, a very similar concept to Pret, however the option to get some hearty warm meals is much larger. You can opt for a soup which is perfect for a cold day, however, when we go we typically order the chilli in a pot, and you only need a small if you’re not too hungry as the portion sizes are very healthy. You do also have the option of cold food, such as sandwiches and salads so there is something for everyone.
  3. Eat for less: We know it’s always packed between the hour of 12 PM – 1 PM, however, if you manage to go, they have baked potatoes on offer with a range of different toppings to choose from at the cost of around £2.00. It is so affordable, something that will fill you up, and it’s warm which is a bonus when you are buying lunch somewhere that isn’t a restaurant (especially in winter!).
  4. Boots: Boots do a really great range of cold foods, sandwiches with lower calories and a healthier range to choose from if you’re trying to eat a bit healthier before the complete indulgence that is Christmas! Their range of snacks is also great whether you are wanting a bag of crisps or an energy ball to get you through the afternoon.
  5. Leon: Whilst Leon is a bit more expensive then the above, if you go for some of the sides they are fairly inexpensive and you get a lot for what you pay. Our personal favourites are the hummus with flatbread, and the baked fries with Aioli sauce (so so good).

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