Friends visiting? Where to go whilst in Birmingham


Birmingham has a lot of preconceptions that come with it. It can be difficult to entice people to come to the city who have never been here before, but that is all changing. Birmingham is creating an amazing identity for itself, and it is the city to watch.

We thought we would give you a few ideas of where to take your friends when they are visiting so you can be fully prepared to impress them with everything that Birmingham has to offer.

  1. One of our favourite spots (especially for a Sunday roast) is the Edwardian Tea Rooms which is the quaint restaurant nestled at the back of the gallery. You can wander through countless beautiful paintings and wind up here to enjoy a cup of tea, or something a bit heartier.
  2. If you haven’t seen your friends in some time, it might be a nice idea to get together and do an activity. Ghetto Golf, which is located on Gibb St in the Custard Factory is the perfect answer to that. You can drink, play mini golf and by the end of it you may not even remember who won so there will be no sore loser in that scenario just a bunch of tipsy/drunk friends.
  3. Personally, when my friends come to visit we want to go for dinner because we are all massive foodies. I would usually pick somewhere that’s very sharing and social, so something with tapas is a great idea, such as Revoluión de Cuba, The Botanist has some really delicious sharing small plates to choose from, or one of my go-to meals will also be pizza and there are great places like Otto or Baked in Brick if you wanted something authentic and extremely tasty.
  4. Have you thought about the water bus? It is a different way to get around the city and something fun to experience with your group of friends. They will be able to see Birmingham in a completely different light.
  5. SHOP. The Bullring is perfect for shopping and there are far too many great shops for you to come home empty-handed. If you look hard enough, occasionally in Digbeth you might find a sample sale to head to. We visited one this month hosted by Reiss and you can expect a massive slash on their normal prices!
  6. There are always endless amounts of live performances in Birmingham and the theatres are pretty much all in walking distance from anywhere in the city centre. Something about seeing live performances is a very social thing. It’s a talking point and something that you don’t get to do every day so it is always something I would recommend.

There are so many places to go if you’re in Birmingham and wanted to show it off and get out of the house. Think of the copious amounts of new restaurants opening up in the city centre along with new bars dotted around. Maybe head for some afternoon tea and then end the day with some cocktails at Be At One Brindley place? Their extensive list of cocktails is just far too enticing to say no to.

Either way, Birmingham is such a fun and vibrant city and that shows no matter where you go. They will feel it as soon as they get off the train and wander about the city for themselves.

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