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Having moved to Birmingham from Manchester this year, it’s been important for me to find new places to eat, drink and in general find things to do and places to go.

After scouring the Jewellery quarter and creating a list as long as my arm to review, along with all of the new places that have been opening up, I thought I would start the JQ neighbourhood with Viceroy.

Its unassuming location is on the cusp of the Jewellery Quarter and is a small and ambient traditional restaurant serving Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine.

When entering the restaurant we were greeted politely by the Manager and seated by the member of staff. After having a few minutes of discussion within our party, we were handed the menus.

We began by ordering a bottle of red (of course) and we went for the Malbec. The wine wasn’t recommended however we found it matched our meals perfectly. We then ordered our Starters, Samosas and Tandoori Chicken which arrived after a short wait. (There is an option for both lamb and vegetarian Samosas, however, on this occasion, we decided to go for the lamb).



The starters were absolutely divine, and as there was an extensive list to choose from, we would definitely consider returning to try them out.

Once again after our starters were taken away and our cutlery refreshed there was a fairly long wait for our mains. However, with there being a few of us at the table we ordered another bottle of wine and it wasn’t so bad.

For the main, I went for the Palak Paneer. A spinach curry infused with herbs and spices along with paneer (a soft Indian cheese) as the main component to the meal. Admittedly I am not a vegetarian, however, this dish is always a magnet for my attention as the flavours compliment each other incredibly well.



Having begun our meal with some poppadoms and a combination of sauces, we were eager to order more as they were absolutely delicious and a perfect dipping sauce for the Naan bread we had also ordered. I would highly recommend the Peshwari Naan, it is a sweeter option, and if you haven’t tried this previously make sure that next time you do, as it is a staple to every Indian meal we have.

The Palak Paneer was a lovely balance of flavours, and the paneer itself was cooked beautifully. It wasn’t at all spicy, and when adding the sauces to the dish we had used for our poppadoms, it gave it something a little bit more.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, we were completely full to the brim so dessert was not an option.

Once we had completely finished, our bill was brought over and politely placed on the table along with four small orange flavoured chocolates which were eaten far too quickly to be photographed.

In total for four of us, the meal was £132.75 which averages out at around £34 per person, which in the grand scheme of things was incredibly good value for money as we all ordered a starter, a main, sides and we enjoyed two bottles of wine alongside our meal.

Finally, The staff were very polite, however, we didn’t see much of them throughout the meal, it may have been a nice touch if they engaged more and we could tell them how delicious it was!

Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Overall experience: 8/10

Let us know if you have any restaurants/bars you would like us to review and we will add it to our list.

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