Holy Moly Macaroni | Review

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As you may know, on The Brum Beat we are aiming to review every cool spot in the city and tell you about their food, drink, service and all-around experience.

Having new places pop up on weekly basis now, it’s difficult to decide where to spend your money.

We have decided to kick off our review section with Holy Moly Macaroni, located on the upper floor in Grand Central. Having just opened up earlier this year in July, it seems like an apt time to review after they have had some time to settle into the chaos of Birmingham.

Having decided where we were going, we got to Holy Moly Macaroni. On this occasion, it seemed to be quite confusing as to whether you just sit down or wait to be seated. A couple of minutes later the member of staff seated us and apologised for the confusion as it seemed she was the only member of staff working at this point for a fairly busy lunch. We got handed our menus and told to head over to order when we had looked through.


We decided to go for the ‘Uptown Mac’ which is a truffle oil mac ‘n’ cheese topped with mushrooms. You can also add an extensive list of toppings and I decided to go for the bacon which, with hindsight, I can assure you was a great choice. We also went for the garlic bread, house slaw and a side of chips.

After around a 30-minute wait, our food arrived. It looked absolutely delicious, if not a bit too large for just one person.

If you love a bit of spice the house slaw is the one for you, but be warned it is very spicy (or at least it was for me). The garlic bread was a welcome addition to the meal, it was tasty and inexpensive.


Finally, the Mac ‘n’ Cheese aka, the star of the meal. The portion size was far too much for one person, which made it a great takeaway meal when you undoubtedly can’t finish it. The truffle oil wasn’t a prominent flavour in the meal which was a shame however if you wanted to try the dish and aren’t too keen on it, it may work well for you. Either way, it was a hearty meal and definitely hit the spot.

The bill came to around £30.00 which included two meals, two drinks and two sides. The price isn’t extremely high and it is definitely somewhere to experience if you are a lover of mac ‘n’ cheese.

In regards to the service and experience, I feel as though it was clear they were short staffed which was unfortunate as I think the experience would be great if that wasn’t the case. Toward the end of our meal more staff seemed to begin their shifts, alleviating the pressure and it was running smoothly from there. In terms of the all-around experience, I would rate it a 7/10 taking into account all of the above.

If you would like us to try and test anywhere in the city, drop us a comment and we will add it to the list.

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