The Oyster Club | February 2019

You know how we love our food and drink, and how excited we get to tell you the new additions to Birmingham’s food & drink scene, well we’re about to do it again.

Adam Stokes, the Michelin starred chef has decided to open up a new restaurant on Temple street.

(Image: Faber Design)

With an open kitchen where you can see the chefs shucking the oysters, you will be able to order, eat and enjoy the delicacy.

Faber design, based in Digbeth, work closely with the hospitality sector and deck out numerous new openings in the city, such as the likes of Nocturnal Animals are excited about the new project.

It’s exciting to see that somewhere a bit different will be involved in the transformation of Temple Street from what it was to now being a hot spot for dinner and drinks, just across from the prestigious Colmore Row home to numerous restaurants and bars.

The images you see above are CGI shots of what it will look like when it is all built and ready to open its doors in February 2019 and we can’t wait to see how it comes to life.

At this rate of new openings, you will be drinking and dining somewhere new every night!



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