German Markets, The Food Guide

This wasn’t meant to be a test on how much we could eat, but it definitely turned into one.

From the first Bratwurst we ate to the bite of the last Schnitzel, we managed to find a good trail leading us to even better food.

Stop 1. Bratwurst.
Head on over to the town hall and you will find the best Bratwurst options we could find in the markets. From white sausage, red sausage right down to a spicy sausage and a few others in between we thought that this particular pop up had the right idea, to cover all bases.


Stop 2. The Marshmallows.
If you can go to the markets and not buy some chocolate covered marshmallows, I would like your advice and willpower. We decided to go for a pack of 9 for £5.00 and went for one of each as far as 9 would take us. These are very sweet, so after a couple, they were difficult to stomach so one would suffice for after a meal, and individually bought they are £0.70.


Stop 3. Schnitzel. 
Working our way toward the bullring, we stumbled across some chicken schnitzel. If you don’t know what schnitzel is, it is meat thinned out by pounding it with a meat tenderizer, coated in breadcrumbs and then fried. Granted, not the healthiest of choices. If we’re honest the schnitzel wasn’t to our taste, and it awkwardly sat in the bun which was too small, however, it could be to your taste – so definitely give it a try. For the schnitzel on a brioche bun, it was £5.00.


Stop 4. Chocolate coated everything.
Chocolate lovers unite, this one is for the win. Strawberries on skewers covered in white and milk chocolate. If you want something other than strawberries, there are plenty of options, including bananas and marshmallows. This was our favourite dessert by far. These were a little more expensive at £5.00 but worth it, even if you only buy them once throughout the time the markets are here.


Keep your eyes peeled for Part II.



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