Visit a time capsule in the heart of Brum.

You know us by now. We love food & drink and we focus largely on the city centre of Birmingham. What there is to do, where to go and updates on the city itself.

One of the best things you can do on a day off is to try something new. Now, whether you are a Brummie born and bred or not, there is a certain allure to having a glimpse into the history of the city you champion and love; which leads us to our next suggestion.

Saturated with countless Jewellers, and quaint eateries the Jewellery Quarter is also home to a large residential area but also the Jewellery Quarter Museum.

Offering a unique look into Birmingham’s history, this perfectly preserved workshop and now turned museum has a rich story to tell.


When Smith & Pepper Jewellery firm abruptly retired in 1981, the doors of their firm were locked and there was to be no more trading. However, as everything is how they left it on that day, there is a perfectly preserved part of history that we are able to go and see. There are lively demonstrations, a guided tour and a chance to have a glimpse of history behind the closed doors.

Find out more about opening times and how to visit by clicking here.


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