Retro Games, Live Music & Beer? Yes Please

As Birmingham’s food & drink scene is developing at a speed we can barely keep up with, it’s exciting to see some entertainment venues opening up, such as Ghetto Golf, Lane7, Serve, and now we have Kongs.

Immerse yourself in an experience, rather than just going out for drinks. Why not re-live your childhood, whilst enjoying the company of friends and a beer from the bar.

Taking over the venue where popular nightclub Chamilion used to live, and turning it into something of a haven of retro games and craft beer, Kongs which has venues in Bristol and Cardiff are exciting to bring the iconic venue back to life, with a twist of course.

Although Kongs is best known for their variety of craft beers, you can enjoy wines, cocktails (a soft drink if you’re driving) and a menu for you to sample whilst you play each of the different games that they have on offer.

We hope you are as excited as us, we can’t wait to make our first trip to

Full review on food, drinks & service to follow and of course – The games!!


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