Nocturnal Animals, Bennets Hill

Alex Claridge has opened up his second concept, ‘Nocturnal Animals’ which is located on Bennets Hill. This interesting new addition to Birmingham’s ever-growing food & drink scene is an amalgamation of 80’s pop culture, neon lights, high-end food and some seriously good cocktails.


With Birmingham being one of the most watched cities for its developments, plans, booming hospitality scene, not only have we seen a spike in tourism in 2018, but we can only hope for more come 2019 as an increasing amount of business owners are venturing into the city to set up shop.

Nocturnal Animals is spread across two floors, promising to offer an experience rather than just a fleeting visit. Its theatrical interiors, and all-inclusive attitude promising not only the best top shelf hard-to-find spirits but also showing its patriarchy by teaming up with a local Birmingham brewery and offering pints at £5, a reasonable price to pay for an after work drink, would you agree?

Past the neon lights, (to more neon lights) you will find a 40 cover restaurant that promises a fine dining experience, as well as afternoon tea like you have never seen before and a lunch menu.


Full review of food, drink and experience to follow.






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