Herman Ze German, the best Bratwurst in town?

Just in time for Christmas, Herman Ze German will be venturing outside of London a little bit further up to Birmingham. Its first shop outside of the capital will be located in Grand Central promising to offer the best Bratwurst along with other German delicacies.

Born from the question ‘Where can I get a decent German sausage in this country?’ and then like magic Herman Ze German was born. With four different types of sausage, German beers and other popular German dishes such as chicken and pork schnitzel with fries, we think the Christmas markets may have some solid competition.

Founded in 2008, Herman Ze German has been appearing at popups across the country, at markets and festivals which is where their reputation has largely come from.

Would you believe they even offer up Free range, gluten-free, lactose-free option which means they are practising what they preach with no cheap cuts, and an inclusive vibe meaning everyone can try their food.

Full review on food, drink & service to follow.

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